Medical Technologies to Treat Patients Better

Medical Technologies to Treat Patients Better

Technology has a big role in medicine improvement in the world. With the use of technology, patients can get better treatment, the curing rate increases, and the life is saved. There have been many people who get their hopes back because of the improvements in medical technology.

Let’s have a look at some of the medical technologies to treat patients better:

  1. Smart Inhalers

Asthma sufferers can face a difficult situation in breathing and if they do not get the medicine right away, their lives are in danger. Smart inhalers are invented to help those patients. Bluetooth-enabled smart inhalers have been developed to record the date and time of each dose taken by the patient. The data is sent to the smartphone of the patient to keep track and control their condition. It is proven very useful to reduce the use of reliever medicine from the patient.

Medical Technologies to Treat Patients Better

Medical Technologies to Treat Patients Better

  1. Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery is invented to help surgery with precision, control, and flexibility. While the robot does its task, the surgeons can perform other procedures that are difficult or complex. The robot is very useful to assist the surgeon’s task. The combination of surgeon and robot is the hope for increasing the success rate of the surgery.

  1. Wireless Brain Sensor

The bioresorbable electronics are placed in the brain to measure temperature and the pressure within the brain and the materials can dissolve when they are no longer needed. It is very useful and additional surgery isn’t needed.

  1. 3-D Printing

It is very useful to create implants during surgery. 3-D Printing can match the individual’s measurement very accurately down to millimeters. The use of 3-D printing can create long-lasting and soluble items needed for surgery.

  1. The Artificial organs

The artificial organ s like blood vessels, synthetic ovaries, pancreas, and others can grow within the patient’s body and replace the faulty one. The organs are not rejected by the body and this invention from scientists has saved millions of patients. They do not depend on transplants anymore and they can be saved with those artificial organs.

Medical Technologies to Treat Patients Better

Medical Technologies to Treat Patients Better

  1. Virtual Reality

The VR device is very helpful with diagnosis, treatment plans, and procedures for the patients. Medical students can get real life experience using technology to help them gain the experience they need. They will get the visual understanding and it can be very useful when they face the real patient in the future.

  1. Health Wearable

The health wearable like a watch and other devices has been invented to help patients tracking down their heart rate, their steps, etc. The advancement in this technology aims to combat chronic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease by monitoring the patients. It has been a great invention and many products are available nowadays to meet the demand. Please also read about medicines information.